Clues from an ancient pyramid buried in Arctic ice and an Egyptian library beneath the Great Sphinx lead a group of United Nations scientists to discover an advanced civilization, not from outer space, but from humanity’s distant past – a civilization which takes vicious action to remain hidden!


In a future where humanity’s elite live in lavish Orbital cities and the rest dwell in underground hovels, DAK MALET, former Orbital detective banished to Earth, must solve the murder of Orbital society’s most powerful man while battling rival Orbital families, religious assassins, political intrigue, and the seductive allure of Orbital society.


JACK CHISOLM, a young, down-on-his-luck flying instructor, joins a team of hip, adrenaline-pumped Cal-Tech students to compete against DANIEL DECKER, a ruthless billionaire, and be the first private group to launch an astronaut into space. It’s a mix of FAST AND FURIOUS and APOLLO 13!


Beekeeper J.P. HARDIN is forced by bankruptcy and his wife’s death to travel across country in his 18-wheeler renting out his bees to pollinate farm crops. On the road he meets HONEY FITZGERALD, a kooky beautician hitching to L.A. to save Elizabeth Taylor from a devastating skin rash. Along the way J.P. must face a rival beekeeper poised to ruin him, a young nephew eyeing Honey, a malevolent repo man determined to take his truck, and come to terms with his wife’s death or lose his last chance for happiness.


Set in the mountains of Appalachia, A LESSON OF LOVE is the story of THOMAS AQUINAS MOORE, a professor from Los Angeles recruited to teach at a small-town college, who falls in love with ABIGAIL MEEKS, a deeply religious local woman. The unlikely love is torn apart by one’s commitment to faith and the others devotion to reason. They both must overcome deep-rooted fears and age-old prejudices to hold on to the love they both desperately need.